2016 Corporation Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Corporation will be held on Monday, October 17th in the Wolfson Room at 7pm at the Community Boating boathouse. Refreshments will be served beginning at 6pm.

At this year’s meeting, we will be electing three members to fill 3-year terms on the board of directors. Although a knowledge of sailing and of CBI’s tradition continue to be valuable, in today’s complex nonprofit world we are also looking for Board members with financial, legal, marketing, fundraising, and other professional skills and personal connections. If you are considering running for the Board, we urge you to have your statement included in this year’s documents. Please forward it to the Board Secretary at the Boathouse by October 7th. Faxes to 617-523-6959 or email submissions to [email protected] are accepted.

This year’s agenda and information packet will be made available for download on this webpage by October 11th. If you would still like to receive a physical mailing, please call the boathouse at 617-523-1038 during business hours with your request after October 11th.

One solemn tradition of the annual meeting is a moment of silence for members who have passed away during the year. If you know of a member who has passed away in the last year, please let the Board Secretary know so we can honor them.

Corporation Meeting Documents

2016 Notice of Meeting
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)
2015 Annual Meeting Attendance
2016 Significant Board Motions
Board Candidacy Letter – John Bates
Board Candidacy Letter – Chip Gaysunas
Board Candidacy Letter – Brian McManus
Board Candidacy Letter – David Vieira
2016 President’s Report
2016 President’s Report – Presentation
2016 Treasurer’s Report – Presentation
2016 CBI Annual Programs Report

Board Documents

Minutes Board 10-27-2015 (Approved)
Minutes Board 11-24-2015 (Approved)
Minutes Board 12-15-2015 (Approved)
Minutes Board 2-23-2016 (Approved)
Minutes Board 4-26-2016 (Approved)
Minutes Board 6-28-2016 (Approved)
Minutes Board 8-23-2016 (Approved)

Corporation Meeting 2016

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Adult Programs
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