Annual Meeting of the Corporation

2022 Annual Meeting

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The 2022 annual meeting of the corporation will be held on Monday October 17th in the Wolfson Room at Community Boating at 6:30pm. Refreshments will be served beginning at 6pm.
The members of the Corporation of CBI elect the CBI Board — which is responsible for the general management of CBI’s affairs — and vote on any bylaw changes. Bylaws constitute the official document that is the basis upon which CBI runs. The Corporation meets at least once per year to hear updates from the President, Treasurer and Executive Director on the financial and programmatic status of CBI, and to vote as outlined above.

We are excited to be gathering together in person after two years of virtual meetings. Please reach out to [email protected] if you require any accommodations to join via video conference.

At this year’s meeting, we will be electing three members to fill 3-year teams on the board of directors. You can view current board members’ biographies and terms on the CBI webpage. Although a knowledge of sailing and of CBI’s tradition continues to be valuable, in today’s complex nonprofit world we are also looking for Board members with financial, legal, marketing, fundraising, and other professional skills and personal connections. If you are considering running for the Board, we urge you to have your statement included in this year’s documents. Please send submissions of candidacy to [email protected] by October 13th.

Your statement should address:
1. Why you want to join the Board.
2. Why CBI is important to you, and what has been your experience with CBI.
3. What capabilities you bring to the Board, including work experience, and work on other boards and organizations.
4. What issue(s) you would like to focus on as a board member.
You will have a maximum of two minutes to speak to the Corporation, if you choose to.

One solemn tradition of the annual meeting is a moment of silence for members who have passed away during the year. If you know of a member who has passed away in the last year, please let us know so we can honor them.

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Meeting Documents

Notice of meeting 2022
2022 Programs Report || PDF version
2022 Treasurer’s Report
Board Declaration – Deb Boudreau
Significant Board motions 2021-2022
2021 Annual Corporation Meeting Attendance
2021 Annual Corporation Meeting Minutes – draft
2021 Annual Programs Report
Additional documents to be added