First Sail


Welcome to First Sail!


Please read ALL the information on this page before participating in First Sail. We look forward to taking you out on the water!

First Sail is a unique opportunity to go out for your first time sailing with a seasoned instructor. First Sail is a strictly optional class that can be used as one of the three sails you are required to go on before signing up for the Mainsail classes. First Sail is run by volunteers who schedule sessions individually as their availability allows. As such, space is not guaranteed for every new sailor, but if you cannot find space you can still take advantage of Informal Instruction or solo sailing on green flag days. Please, do not email instructors individually.

A live spreadsheet can be found below which has the latest listings of scheduled First Sail sessions. If a space is empty in either of the MEMBER NAME columns next to a future First Sail session, put your name down to book that slot. New slots can be added at any time when volunteers indicate their availability, so please be patient and check back here often.

On the day of your First Sail Session, arrive at the compass rose on the dock ten minutes before your scheduled start time.  Your Volunteer Instructor will meet you at the compass rose and you’ll go sailing! Please arrive at the compass rose ready to sail with your life jacket, membership card, and everything else you’ll need to be on the water. Remember to honor your commitment to attend your session, or remove your name from the schedule in advance. A no-show will result in a loss of eligibility to participate in First Sail. Please remember that you must be signed up in advance to go out for First Sail. If you need to cancel simply remove your name from the signup spreadsheet. Email any errors or questions to [email protected]


Lastly, all sailors reminded that First Sail may only be taken ONCE.

First Sail Scheduling

All First Sail sessions are run rain or shine, and you are expected to  honor your commitment to attend the session you signed up for. In the even to a cancellation, you will be contacted by CBI staff. Sometime, a cancellation note may be posted on the signup sheet, so be sure to check the signup sheet before you leave to attend your session. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, we hope you enjoy your First Sail Session!



First Sail is designed to provide you the experience to get out on the water before taking Mainsail I, with your own instructor right there with you in the boat! First Sail will give you an hour on the water in a Mercury with a trained CBI instructor. You’ll get time on the tiller to practice all the basics; steering, sail trim, tacking, gybing, landing, and everything you need to be prepared for Mainsail. Sessions last one hour and each boat will have one instructor and two students. If you’re ready for your first time on the water, this is your class!

Prerequisite: Mercury green rating
Suggested for: Mercury Yellow Rating


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