Twenty-Twenty-One $100k Campaign

Thank you for all of your support!

Back in early June, as the serious disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic were becoming so evident to us all, we launched our Twenty-Twenty-One $100K Campaign for crisis funding and made an urgent appeal for “all hands on deck” –

– And you responded, fully and generously! We received over 350 individual Campaign donations, meeting and indeed surpassing our goal of raising $100,000 in vital support of our Community Boating programs. Often, you sent your gifts accompanied by warm messages of support and appreciation for what Community Boating has meant in your lives or in the lives of a friend or family member.

We are profoundly grateful for your financial support and your messages alike. You have helped make it possible for Community Boating to approach our 2021 season – our historic 75th year of “Sailing for All” on the Charles River – with confidence that we can continue bringing the joys of sailing to people of all abilities, all ages, and all means.

Through your participation, engagement and support, you put the “community” in Community Boating. Our most fervent wish is to make that full sense of community live again, for all of us, in 2021. We hope to see you soon!

We still face many uncertainties in the season ahead. There will continue to be significant impacts on our programs, finances and operations. But we are committed to opening progressively more sailing and paddling opportunities for all, as conditions permit, and to restoring our well-loved Junior Program as one of the most appealing and affordable youth sailing experiences available in the metropolitan Boston area. We hope, too, to expand opportunities for accessible sailing once again as the operating constraints related to the pandemic are progressively lifted in the coming months.

In all that we do, we will continue to put our members’ health and safety first, just as our staff have done so diligently in meeting the daunting challenges of this past year.

For now, however, we take this moment to remember and appreciate your generosity and your support for Community Boating. To all of you, long-time supporters and first-time donors alike, thank you! Your support sustains Community Boating as a vibrant recreational resource and iconic presence on the Charles River, in the very heart of our city. “Lovely she goes” – and long may it be so!

John Bates, Board President
Charlie Zechel, Executive Director