Adaptive Fleet and Facility

Our Fleet and Facility

The CBI boathouse is located at the base of Longfellow Bridge on Boston’s Esplanade. We are geographically accessible, as we are only a few minutes walk from the Charles/MGH Red Line stop over the new, ADA accessible Fanny Appleton footbridge. No onsite parking is available. We can provide onsite access for commercial vehicles with advance notice. If you will be arriving in a group van, contact [email protected] or call the front desk at (617) 523-1038 to coordinate vehicle permitting. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Adaptive Fleet and Technology

RS Venture Connect Sailboat

The RS Venture Connect has easily adjustable rigging so that all control lines can lead to a central point. Steering options include tiller-style steering, mechanically assisted steering, and sip-and-puff steering. These boats were new to CBI in 2018. 


The 23-foot Sonar has a spacious seating area for you and your guests to be comfortable. For modified seating, we have insertable race car chair seats which are stationary as well as a skipper chair that rotates from side to side. The Sonar also has an extendable tiller for individuals with limited mobility. We can comfortably Hoyer transfer 2 individuals into a Sonar. 

Ideal 18

This 18-foot keelboat is more responsive than a Sonar because it is lighter. This is a popular boat for racing. The jib is self tacking, and controls are centrally located.

Keel Mercury

This fleet of 15-foot boats is the heart of CBI. We have a sliding bench to make switching sides in the boat easier. We also have modified tillers to help alleviate strain on shoulders. Additional rigging controls can be adjusted to make them accessible from a central location to reduce movement in the boat.

Hoyer Lift

We have a mechanical Hoyer Lift system mounted on the dock to assist individuals getting in and out of the boat. We provide slings to transfer individuals, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.