Racing Opportunities

Universal Access Program members are invited to race through Keelboat Racing.  This informal and collaborative environment welcomes individuals of all levels and abilities. A UAP instructor will be in the boat with a UAP member for these races. It is critical you sign up through Acuity so we can plan accordingly!

Reserve your spot for Keelboat Racing below:

Co-able Keelboat Racing

An inclusive group of CBI members interested in the teamwork and power of sailing and racing Sonars and Ideal 18’s. We’re dedicated to improving our sailing skills and building camaraderie, while having fun on the water through informal racing.

Co-able Keelboat Racing is organized by CBI staff every Wednesday Night starting in May, and will race on Sonars and Ideal 18s. Sailors include members from both the Adult Program and Universal Access Program. We hold a competitors’ meeting at 17:30 to brief sailors about the course, rules, and answer questions. We return to the dock approximately 30 minutes before sunset and hold a debrief on shore.

All are welcome to attend; UAP members should RSVP below:


Does participating in Keelboat Racing count as one of my UAP appointments for the week?

No. You can book two UAP appointments for a week and also participate in Keelboat Racing! It is as a great way to get on the water for a third time in a week.

Can I race with someone who is not a member of the Adult Program?

No. If you have a friend who has racing experience and would like to participate in informal racing with you, encourage them to join the Adult Program. They are more than welcome to accompany you during a UAP appointment as well.

Additional Racing

Generally members who have been granted Open Sailing are good candidates to try out Informal Racing or Women’s Racing. While UAP instructors do not participate in other forms of informal racing, we can work to find you a partner. Reach out to your instructor or [email protected] if interested.

Friday Night Informal Racing

CBI staff organize several short races most Fridays after work. Racing is informal, so boats can join at any point in the evening. A social atmosphere blending camaraderie, fun, sailing, and competition; meet new people and broaden your sailing horizons.

Who: All skill levels welcome; whether you’re a national champ or are just learning you’re encouraged to sail with us.
When: Rig anytime and head out to race as soon as a few boats are ready and a course is set — usually about 17:30. Racing ends at sunset, so come out even if you free up a bit later.
Where: Meet on the water. Look for a cluster of Mercuries, the nearby committee boat flying flags & sounding horns, and big red tetrahedrons.
What: You can race mainsail, sloop or spinnaker, solo or with friends, keel or centerboard, as long as it’s a Mercury.


See our blog below for updates, rules & racing tips, watermelon announcements, and hilarity. Sign up for email updates so you don’t miss a post; typically weekly or less or join by sending a blank email to [email protected]

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Women’s Racing and Sailing

The mission of Women’s Sailing and Racing is to advance the sailing skills of women at CBI through racing and practice in a challenging, supportive, and social environment. We welcome women at all levels of experience interested in participating in recreational or competitive sailing and skill development.

Social Sailing on Tuesdays: Women of all skill levels are welcome Tuesdays. It’s an opportunity to meet friends, expand your sailing skills and share the joy of sailing.

Racing on Thursdays: Our racing is informal and focused on skill development. Experience with a jib and/or a yellow rating is ideal to start to crew. The first time you join us for racing, please select a day where you have the flag-rating. We either pair up on the dock or on Slack so you do not need to bring crew.

To stay up to date join our Google Group or our Slack channels (email front office for access, [email protected]).