Volunteer / IIT

We have many Junior Members who volunteer their during our summer JP hours, as well as parents who become involved as volunteers. Volunteers have always been an essential part of Community Boating, and without them our programs would not be what they are today!

Parent Volunteers

While we volunteering during Junior Program hours to Junior Program members, we strongly encourage parents to become involved in other ways:

  • Join CBI’s governing corporation and/or board
  • Assist on one or more committees such as strategic planning, event planning, fundraising, etc.
  • Become an Adult Member and join our volunteer faculty
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring fleet maintenance events (a.k.a. work parties)

Instructors In Training

Instructors-In-Training (IITs) are an crucial part of CBI’s Junior Program. These volunteer leaders assist our staff with everything from launching boats on the front of the dock to shadowing classes, planning events, and teaching novice sailors! Junior members 12 or older with at least their yellow rating can become an IIT. Dedicated yellow rated sailors younger than 12 can volunteer with permission from our IIT Coordinator.

Email Priebatsch IIT coordinator [email protected] with any questions.

IITs can help out in a variety of ways, and earn volunteer hours while doing so:

Front of Dock
  • When an announcement is made requesting help on the dock, IIT’s should check in with the dockhouse for instructions, and check back once completed for further instructions.
  • On the front of dock, IITs help students rig and de-rig, launch and return to the dock, plus complete other tasks such as fleet checks and stowing or retrieving equipment.
  • Although the dockhouse won’t always need help, IITs step in and help when things get busy.
Informal Instruction
  • An IIT looking to give Informal Instruction should tell the dockhouse, which will put out an announcement to all juniors on the dock.
  • IIT’s give informal coaching to a less-experienced juniors. Often, newer juniors use this opportunity to practice sailing in stronger wind for which they are not rated. Also a great way to meet new sailors and get more experience yourself. The best sailors are also good teachers!
Teaching/First Sail
  • IITs who want to try teaching more than one junior at a time should try Assistant Teaching a class or providing a First Sail. To try this, just ask at the dockhouse or one of our friendly Instructors if they need any help! (Best time to try this is always on Monday).
  • First Sail Skippers require a Sonar rating for the appropriate wind flag color. They take new sailors on the water for the first time and get them involved, while helping explain basic sailing concepts and, above all, making sure they have fun on their first day!
  • Assistant Instructors help instructors with lessons and activities, give personalized attention where the instructor cannot and help gather class equipment. They also act as peer mentors for juniors and sail with juniors in class in order to model skills and support them.
Community Building
  • IITs who want to support a fun environment through community buildings should find out about opportunities by attending weekly meetings.
  • Community Builders plan and run fun theme days like our annual Pink Day fundraiser, and assist with weekly Fun & Games sessions.
Professional Development

Many IIT’s meet weekly on Wednesdays, 3-5pm for the purpose of learning new teaching and leadership skills, and for planning events like the annual pink day fundraiser. Attendance at this optional meeting requires parental permission by submitting the form for logging hours (below).

Additional Information

To Begin Logging Hours

…please use the form below. Once finished, IIT’s can request and log hours at the dockhouse.

In Appreciation and Support of our IIT’s

…we offer a variety of fun benefits and learning opportunities specific to them:

  • Weekly IIT meetings on Wednesdays 15:00-17:00. Work on their teaching skills, plan theme days, and have fun with fellow IITs.
  • IIT-only events such as Evening Sails and field trips!
  • Log volunteer hours for school, church, or other organization
  • The chance to plan and run Pink Day, our annual fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and research!
  • Learn leadership and organizational skills, make friends and above all have fun!
  • We annually award the Elwell Scholarship to an IIT who submits an outstanding application. See below for details.
Elwell Scholarship

Most years, CBI awards a scholarship for one lucky IIT to travel beyond CBI and undertake an educational experience at sea. Return the Elwell Scholarship application to a JP director before the end of the summer to be considered for this amazing opportunity.

Check out last year’s winning submission!

Priebatsch IIT Coordinator

This position and program are made possible through the generous support of the family of Norman Priebatsch, honoring his enthusiasm for windsurfing, sailing and CBI. The coordinator oversees a group of dedicated and enthusiastic instructors-in-training who continue the spirit of volunteerism upon which CBI is built.

Our JP Co-Director has served as IIT coordinator for three years. As a former JP member and IIT herself, she shares an understanding with our most dedicated members. She oversees additional IIT facilitators who help support and teach IIT’s.