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Mercury Green Classes


Shore School

Once you have completed your Green Verbal Test and Rigging Test, and earned your Green Rating, you are now able to go practice in Green Flag, beginner conditions. Get on the water and apply your learning.

Guided Sail

Mercury Yellow Classes

Mainsail I

Mainsail II

Once you’ve completed the mainsail classes you can begin practice for your Mercury Yellow Test.

Mainsail Clinic

Mercury Red Classes

Jib I

Jib II

Once you’ve completed the Jib classes

Jib Clinic

Windsurf Classes

Intro to Windsurf

Windsurf Clinic

Windsurf Skills

Advanced Clinics

Advanced Clinics cover specific material- check the CBI calendar for information regarding a specific skill clinic.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes introduce you to more advanced boats. Once you have mastered the mercuries and are ready to expand your horizons, look here. Advanced classes are a full day each and cost $45 to cover staffing requirements.

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Learn to Race Classes

Tiller Club volunteers teach classes and clinics designed to introduce sailors to the competitive sport, and to expand the horizons of experienced racers.

Learn to Race