School Forms

Please return the following forms by mail or by email. Bids are due February 10.

Swim Proof

All team members* must provide proof of swimming ability (50 yards continuous swimming). Thank you for helping us keep your kids safe. Your child can take a swim test at any YMCA by appointment. We also accept:

  • YMCA Fish Level or above
  • Red Cross Level V swimming certificate
  • a Boy/Girl Scout swimming merit badge
  • US Sailing Level 1 Small Boat Instructor certificate
  • a letter on pool letterhead stating swimming ability signed by a lifeguard on pool or school letterhead
  • this form completed by a reputable pool/lifeguard

* Includes former JP members, as we don’t typically collect these forms for summer sailors, but do require parents keep on file and present them upon request. Please consider this our request to see them.