Additional Programming

CBI’s Junior Program does not stop at formal classes. Students can spend their entire day, week, and summer at the boathouse, with plenty of STEM classes, kayaking adventures, and open sailing opportunities to fill their day.

While a red rating is required for most advanced classes, novice and intermediate sailors will enjoy our many other offerings including Paddle Adventure, Windsurf (yellow required), Free Sail, and our STEM classes which include; RoboSub, Environmental Science, and Intro to Microscopy! In addition to free sailing and full access to our dock we offer fun weekly activities and opportunities for volunteering.

Open Sailing & Paddling

Open sailing remains at the core of our program; it’s what keeps kids coming back year after year. Thousands of Bostonians have fond memories of exploring the river with new friends and showing off their skills. Students can check out boats alone or with friends once they have the appropriate rating.

Got some free time before class starts? Your Junior Program membership not only unlocks our fleet of sailboats, it also gives you access to our kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs.) Explore the lagoon network with a friend or join Kayak Adventure for Ultimate Kayaking.

Nervous to sail alone? Check out our Open Sail Adventure where our instructors will pair up the Juniors at the beginning of each session, ensuring that they have a supportive partner to share their sailing adventure within a 2-hour class


Environmental Science

Why do boats float? What plants and animals exist alongside us on the Charles River? Come to Environmental Science to find out! Students will explore the science of sailing and learn about our natural environment, right in the heart of Boston.


RoboSub at CBI connects teamwork, engineering, and technical skills into a unique challenge. Students will build and control remotely operated submersibles to complete various tasks. Experts from the robotics field will share their experience in industry and work alongside the students as they perfect their submersibles.

Intro to Microscopy

The Charles River makes up a vibrant ecosystem, filled with microbial organisms. In this two-day course, students will undertake field studies and collect water samples in kayak based expeditions of the river. They will learn the basics of microscopy, including how to prepare samples on a slide and view them through a microscope. In so doing, students will be able to observe cyanobacteria, diatoms, dinoflagellates, and green algae species, many observing these microscopic species for the first time. Communities of microorganisms in biofilms will also be recovered by scraping boat hulls and observed microscopically.

Friday Race Day

Our Friday Race Days invite all juniors to participate in racing at CBI in any of our fleets for both morning and afternoon sessions. This is an excellent opportunity for our Junior members to display their racing and sailing skills, enjoy some healthy competition, and strengthen their skills in a fun and supportive environment. Our Race Days are a chance to be part of a community of enthusiastic young racers, share experiences, and make lasting memories.

Spend time on the dock

Junior Members are welcome on our dock during Junior Program hours whether they have a class or not. We encourage our members to spend a few minutes every day on our dock relaxing, reading, or making a friend.