Nestled in the heart of Boston, Community Boating’s nationally recognized Universal Access Program allows individuals to take responsibility for their learning, push themselves to overcome challenges, and experience the freedom sailing offers. With top-notch instruction and quality equipment, the UAP program provides support and encouragement to individuals who might not otherwise be able to sail.

For an affordable annual fee, members can reserve 75-minute Sailing Lessons or Guided Recreational Sails that are customized to meet individual needs. The time on the water is priceless. The 1-on-1 instruction allows members to progress at their own pace and develop a thorough understanding of sailing; even track their progress as they accomplish goals within individualized curricula. Our UAP members include veterans, individuals with visual impairments, children with developmental disabilities, adults with chronic injury or illness, and many more. 

Dates: Memorial Day – October 15
Hours: See our hours page; see scheduling page for appointment times
Annual Membership: $50 or reduced fee of $1 upon request


UAP History

In 2007, we were fortunate to work with the DCR Universal Access Program, the EOEA’s (Executive Office of Environmental Affairs) Office of Public-Private Partnerships and Genzyme Corporation to create the Universal Access Program at CBI, providing sailing for individuals with special needs or those who may need special attention or assistance, and their guests.

Our Universal Access Program was featured in the Journal for Adaptive Sports, Palaestra: click here for the PDF article