Sailboat Rentals

Sailboat Rentals

For experienced sailors, Community Boating offers one-day keelboat rentals to non-members. We offer two types of sailboats for rent: 

Boat Type Capacity Price Damage Waiver
Rhodes 19 5 person $119 $15
Cape Cod Keel Mercury 4 person $85 $10

Our sailing area covers the Charles River Basin, stretching between the Mass Ave bridge and the Longfellow bridge. Rentals are conducted on a first-come basis during rental hours. All rentals must return to the dock 30 minutes before sunset.

Kayak and Paddleboard rentals are available during Adult Program hours by appointment or by walking up. See our paddling rental page for more info.

Sailboat rentals are available during Adult Program hours on a first come basis.

All rentals must be off the water 30 minutes before sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to sail?

Yes. Prior to the rental the skipper of the boat will be briefly interviewed by the dockmaster on duty. Rental approval is at the dockmaster’s discretion.

How old do I need to be to rent a sailboat?

Minimum rental age is 18.

Can I bring someone under 18 on the boat?

Crew may be under 18 pending parent or guardian approval.

Are there lockers available?

We offer FREE day use lockers on our dock. You can either bring your own lock or purchase a $5 keyed lock from our front desk.

Do I need to bring my own life jacket?

Lifejackets are provided and must be worn at all times.

What happens if I break something?

Damage waivers are available for purchase, covering any accidental damage, with the exception of gross negligence, recklessness, or intentional acts.

Can I rent a boat on July 4th?

No rentals are available on July 3rd or 4th.

What if I have a party of greater than 5?

No exceptions to boat capacity will be made under any circumstances.  However you may rotate people out on the dock and take turns.

Can I bring food and drink out on the river?

Food and drink is welcome on all of our boats. However, we do ask that you clean up after yourself. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on CBI property or boats is not allowed.

What about bad weather?

Our dockmaster-on-duty may set additional restrictions for watercraft based on the weather conditions, powerboat boat traffic, special events, incidents, etc. This may include a restricted paddling area or a suspension of rentals.