Work Parties

Work Parties are an excellent opportunity to give back to Community Boating and get to know other members. There are generally two work parties every season. Fall work parties focus on preparing the fleet for winter maintenance, while the spring work parties are all about opening CBI for the season! The events usually run from 10-2 and include refreshments for our volunteers.

Upcoming Work Parties

Saturday, November 6th, 10am-2pm – Haul and Flip CB Mercs on dock (most will have masts out already). Remove mainsails from Sonars and Ideals. Move all Sails upstairs. De-rig and flip 420’s.
Saturday November 13th, 10am-2pm – Help us clean out Main Bay along with the rest of the boathouse. Tasks include stacking Mercury sailboats up on the fences, wrapping sails, and more.

Work Parties


In the spring, CBI needs all hands on deck to help splash our fleet of Mercuries. This involves putting the boats in the water, placing their masts, and properly rigging them. For those who prefer a less physical task, the boathouse has to be cleaned before the season started. Sails are pulled from storage, life jackets returned to their homes, and the boathouse gets put back together.


These work parties focus on mast maintenance, including some drilling and riveting. No prior experience required. The volunteers help the maintenance staff refurbish some of the Mercury masts, preparing them for the upcoming season.


The fall work parties focus on preparing the Mercuries for winter maintenance. The boats are hauled from the Charles, de-rigged, and flipped upside down on the dock. These are fun and hands-on opportunities open to all. For those worried about handling the boats, volunteers are encouraged to help clean the boathouse and get it ready for winter.