Planned Giving Opportunities

Join the Sailing for All! Society

Create a lasting legacy and support our vision of “Sailing for All!” beyond your lifetime by making a planned gift to Community Boating. Have peace of mind knowing that a portion of your estate will help CBI continue to teach generations of sailors, while also providing significant benefits to you and your loved ones. Planned gifts can allow you to take advantage of many tax benefits, maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, and possibly provide income to you or others during your or their lifetime. 

Ways to support

There are options available for all income levels, ranging from a will bequest to trusts and annuities. Among the many ways you can make a planned gift include:

  • Adding a bequest to your will or living trust naming CBI as a recipient of a portion of your estate
  • Making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an IRA or SEP
  • Naming CBI as a partial or full beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy
  • Creating a charitable lead or charitable remainder trust, which will provide support to both CBI and your family
  • Creating a charitable gift annuity that pays income to you during your lifetime, with the remaining balance going to CBI

If you are interested in joining the Sailing for All! Society and including Community Boating in your estate plan or have any questions about making a planned gift to CBI, please email Director of Administrative Services, Kyle Liolios, at [email protected]

Always consult with an attorney, CPA, or other tax advisor before making a substantial gift.