2018 Race Practice Ideas

Hey Tiller Club and CBI Racers,

This is an ongoing post over the winter to list ideas for what to practice this summer. Our first two practices will be chalk talks, so we want ideas for those, and also ideas for on-water drills or items to practice.

Here are a few I’ve heard already:

  1. review drills we’ll be doing this summer
  2. diagram options for how to get to a start at different points of the line
  3. when to reach vs run on the downwind leg — downwind tactics and strategy
  4. leeward mark roundings — get inside or wait, stopping downwind
  5. starting talk — port approach (Cole to teach)
  6. starting talk — slowing (not just slowing your approach to the line but actually slowing), when (skewed line) and how (approach more vertical, mostly stalled)
  7. starting drills — on the line, hold the mark, bow up/down
  8. steering talk — rudderless sailing (sails, weight)
  9. tack/gybe on whistle
  10. blindfold sailing
  11. rudderless sailing
  12. follow the leader
  13. rabbit starts (talk and practice)
  14. Ultimate sailing and Sumo sailing
  15. Team racing talk?
  16. From Janne: light wind and heavy wind specialties

I think I need a white-board to notify some of these drills on the water. And I selfishly definitely want to do some team racing.