April 19, 2016 Practice Debrief

Wow, we had a GREAT practice Tuesday, and I want to recap, plus give you all a bit more info about the practices (geared towards Tiller Club members in particular).

The Race Practice is new this summer, and tailored towards intermediate and experienced sailors.  It will meet every second week on Tuesdays (one Thursday) through mid-august and is designed to work on improving skills like tacking, gybing, down-speed maneuvers, judging laylines and startlines, speed, winging, mark roundings, etc.

This past week, we spent two hours on the water doing three drills, a mark-rounding drill, a tack on the whistle drill, and a downwind maneuver drill.  We had excellent weather for these topics, and the improvement from all 14 sailors was awesome, and really fun to see.  We will likely usually have a chance to work on some starting as well, and I expect that as people become more familiar with the practices, they will be more efficient, easier to run, and more effective to boot!