How To Use This Space

Welcome to the TC Race Practice Blog

Tiller Club is joining with CBI to present a series of scheduled racing practices geared towards the intermediate range of racers, picking up where the novice clinics leave off, but also including seasoned racers looking to improve.

This is conceived as an evening of on-water drills held in Mercuries focused on improving boat speed, boat-handling, tactics and other racing techniques. Drills will vary per attendance and wind conditions, and may include tack/gybe on the whistle, starting drills, pursuit race, hold position, or follow the leader. Volunteer coaches will attempt to provide briefing, debriefs, a structured practice environment, and occasional individual and on-water feedback.

Who: Regular racers with Mercury Red rating. (Novice and beginner racers may make own arrangements to crew for an experienced skipper.)
Where: Racers should be rigged and ready for briefing at the dock at the start of practice.
When: See the Tuesday Race Practice tab on the CBI racing page or the CBI calendar.  Also watch this space for updates.

This blog will be used by the volunteer coaches to help brief sailors before each practice, and to debrief them afterwards. We may also be able to post videos and other tutorials here. More to come as the blog evolves!