June 26, 2018 Practice Debrief

If you are looking for today’s briefing, please see the previous post below this one.

Our last on-land debrief got slightly contentious, and I’ve been meaning to write an addendum. While I do think that taking yourself out of your comfort zone to learn to roll tack and gybe is really important, I also know that it’s hard. It’s physically difficult, and there are mental hurdles. These are not small issues, but they often can be overcome if you will let yourself, at least with the mental parts.

However, there are two other items you can try to also improve your tacks and gybes. Try new hand and footwork to try to keep yourself balanced, and also allow yourself to CONTROL both the mainsheet and your steering through the entire tack. Finishing the tack RIGHT on close-hauled should be a learning goal for most new/intermediate racers (and advanced racers too) , as many come out of tacks low (or high) and you can never make up for that lost height or speed. Same thing with the gybes. Having control, meaning a solid footing, and good control of the helm and sheets will make gybes much less scary. If my footing/handwork ideas don’t work for you, try new things until you find ones that do. Don’t keep doing something that’s not working. You should feel COMFORTABLE tacking, gybing, and controlling the boat throughout and feeling like you have an attachment to the boat, and your feet and/or butt underneath you. I am here to help you with that, not to set impossible tasks, but I will also continue to push you to not do the same thing you’ve been doing if it’s not working.

Cheers, Niko