May 15, 2018 Practice Briefing

The reason this post has been delayed is weather. We have a plan A, which is to pair up at 6pm to go out an sail Mercuries. We would focus on heavy wind sailing, safety gybes, tuning the boat for breeze, switching modes, 360’s in heavy wind, keeping your boat flat and pointed upwind, and flat and stable downwind, etc. If we’re open, I’ll see you rigged and dressed at 6pm.

Plan B is to do some work in the demo boats if we can go on the dock, but not sail. Some simple stuff like hand switches, as well as more complex footwork, demonstrating helm, crew positioning, etc. Still would hope to start at 6, and get done a bit early.

I’m expecting we’ll have to go to plan C, which is a chalk talk. We can still talk about all of the above stuff, and also answer any questions anyone has had over the last two weeks. Hopefully you’ve been racing on your own, and running into situations where you weren’t sure what was going on. We can talk more about when to use your sail/weight steering methods, how to plan your windward leg, and how to adjust as you go upwind. I’ve run across some rules situations with my HS sailors over the last few days as well that I can share with you. Please write down your questions for this evening so you don’t forget them!