May 19, 2016 Practice Briefing

Good morning sailors,

We are looking at a beautiful evening for a small group practice; low 60’s temps, and 5-10 kts from the east (the seabreeze).

Plan is to do some small group drills including:

  1. hold your bow on a mark (as long as you can)
  2. lashed tiller (lash your tiller at centerline, and steer with your weight and sails around a simple box course — with a premium on avoiding other boats!)
  3. on-the-line drill (you tell me when you’re on the start line.  I tell you if you’re right)
  4. backwards sailing race (race upwind, then backwards downwind)

On the way out and in, practice your tacks and gybes.  See you on the dock (rigged) about 1800 hrs. Sunset is just after 2000 hrs.  Next practice is Tues 5/31 @1800hrs.