May 31, 2016 Practice Briefing

Expecting five or six boats this week. Should be a great practice, with a little bit more breeze than we have had in the past, so we’re going to do some repeat drills.

See you for a briefing on the Longfellow end of the dock (rigged) at 1800 hrs sharp:

  1. mark rounding drill – sail tightly around a box/diamond course (four marks) — warm up while practicing your tacks, gybes and mark roundings. SPECIFICALLY: practice getting around the leeward mark — it will be further from the others.  In this drill, I want you to hit the leeward mark (gently), but only once you are on a close hauled course.  This is the wide-and-tight tactical rounding we are often aiming for.
  2. upwind whistle drill: tack on one whistle, 360 on two whistles, stop boat on three whistles, restart on three whistles
  3. downwind whistle drill: gybe on one whistle (always to a reach), go from reach to run on two whistles, from run to reach on two, stop/start boat on three whistles
  4. short races with boundaries – pretend the boundary is a rock wall (a continuing obstruction) — this simulates a larger fleet, and forces us to deal with many of the issues we have been ignoring in practices.

Sunset is about 2010 hrs.  Next practice is Tues 6/14 @1800hrs.