8-3-22 Heat Advisory UPDATED

UPDATE: Adult program opening will be delayed until 18:00 on 8/4/22. This decision has been made for the safety of all our members and our staff.

8/4/22 Programming Impacted

AP Opens at 18:00

AP Classes are cancelled

Women’s racing is canceled

Blind race practice is canceled

(LAST UPDATED 8/4 14:00)

8/7/22 Programming Impacted

On the water operations will be temporarily suspended from 14:00 to 17:00, Mainsail has been postponed to 17:00

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The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory in our area as well as the City of Boston announcing a Heat Emergency through Sunday, the 7th. Temperatures are expected to remain in the high 90°s through the weekend possibly reaching as high as 103º.

While on the water drinking fluids is especially important. Remember to bring extra water on the boat with you. We recommend you wear light, loose fitting clothing when you visit. Sunscreen and hats will protect your skin from the sun.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the heat, please do not hesitate to request a ride back to the dock. Lower your sail halfway, call 617-523-1038, or hail “CBI” on marine VHF 72.

Know the Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness | CDC.gov

Please note we will be rotating our staff through frequent rest breaks for their safety. As a result staff presence may be less visible than normal around the dock. As usual, Dockhouse will always have a staff member available to provide assistance.

Safety Launch Operators will periodically circulate on the river to offer you water.


Please send your Junior(s) with extra water. We recommend wearing light, loose fitting clothing, as well as sunscreen and hats to protect skin from the sun.
Beginning at 12pm we will conduct all Junior Program classes indoors in air conditioning on Thursday, Aug 4th.
Some ways we are ensuring our Juniors stay cool are a portable hydration station, misting fans, and providing an air conditioned space on the second floor of the boathouse.
If your family decides not to send your Junior(s) to class tomorrow, they will not miss out on sailing opportunities or be negatively impacted.