Notice about Junior Program Class Openings

New classes are open to the public as of Wednesday the 17th. Click the red join now button on the top right, or click here to purchase a membership and register your child for up to two-weeks of classes.

You can access an overview of our class schedule on the bottom of our Youth Welcome page or just click this link to see our classes.

If you do not get the classes you want this time, we will be opening up to four more spots in each Beginner and Intermediate class over the next two months. Please be advised that waitlists are disabled for classes with future spots scheduled to open. The rationale here is to ensure that class spots actually open when we say they will, rather than immediately activating waitlists.

Parents who are already on waitlists will keep their spot. Otherwise, subscribe to our JP Basin Breezes newsletter for updates about future class openings. If you have any serious concerns about your schedule, feel free to get in touch with us by email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you do manage to secure classes that work for you, please unenroll from other waitlists. It makes a difference to us and to other prospective parents by allowing us to have an accurate estimate of demand.