Learning Resources

This page contains assembled resources to support our sailing students. These are designed for use during class, or for review afterwards, and cannot replace the excellent instruction and hands-on support of our volunteer members and staff. Plus, classes are part of how we put the Community in CBI!

For class order, see our class flowchart in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Intermediate Learning Resources

Informal Instruction Learning Resources

Informal Instruction

Prerequisites: None!
Duration: Determined by the Informal Instructor.
Instruction Type: Typically On-water. Be sure to discuss with your Informal Instructor the type of boat you will be taking out.
Typical Start Location: Dockhouse

Informal Instruction is the longest standing tradition at CBI. In Informal Instruction, volunteer skippers are paired up with new students for a training sail. Informal sessions are done on a by-chance basis, and so you will need to get in line and wait for the next volunteer to come up to the dockhouse. You can get in line by going up the ramp to the dockhouse windows, and requesting to be put in line for instruction. We will then take your membership card and put it in line. When it is your turn, we will call your name over the PA system when an instructor volunteers to take you sailing.

When going out for Informal Instruction, it is important to note that all instructors are volunteering of their own accord, and are not necessarily trained Faculty members. This means that your lesson will benefit from the experience and individual style of your informal instructor, and they are not guided by any CBI produced lesson plan. For this reason, it is important to discuss with your volunteer informal instructor the things you want to work on during your sail. Be sure that the boat you will be sailing is adequate for your training level (ex. be sure you are not sailing in a Sonar when you’d like Mercury training). If you are brand new to getting on the water, let your instructor know and they will be glad to cover the introductory topics necessary to become more comfortable on the water.

Advanced Learning Resources

Curated Racing Links & Videos

-One of many excellent quizzes to improve and test your knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing

-Part of a wonderful series on mainsail tuning and shape
See more on SailZing’s YouTube page

-“Where there is wind, there is speed, so the goal of the wind spotter is to look for clues on the water and above.”
See more at Sailing World

-Roll tacking timing and footwork. Finish on close-hauled and with the rudder straight!
The best one for CBI members to emulate is at 1:53 (light wind)
Really nice focus on initiation, patience, footwork, and tiller hand. See the heel of the aft foot at 3:59! (moderate wind)
For the Mercury it’s more about patience and smoothness than the muscle and speed displayed on these small collegiate dinghies.
Laser roll tacking requires quite a bit more physicality than the 420 or Mercury

RoboSail Learning Resources

CBI periodically offers Robosail as an adult class when we have staff available. We will use Basin Breezes to offer this in the future when possible.



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