Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Positions are available to volunteer in many different roles. CBI will provide specific training for each role in order to ensure our volunteers are well prepared to produce high quality, consistent experiences. CBI membership is requisite to volunteer with us.


Volunteer instructors are tasked with teaching classes to our adult members.  Volunteers will present a CBI developed curriculum in classroom and on the water settings. This position is responsible for managing group classes, presenting curriculum using a variety of methods to adapt to various learning styles, ensuring safety by monitoring their classes and reporting any potential hazards to the dockmaster.

Group Chair

Group chairs are tasked with leading member groups. Volunteers will interface with CBI management and provide direction to their group based on the bylaws of their club, the bylaws and policies of CBI, and the direction of CBI management. This position is responsible for scheduling group meetings and activities, managing group roster and communication platforms.

Group Committee Volunteer

Group committee volunteers assist in member group administration. Act as communication facilitators and are tasked with communications for member groups. Volunteers work with group chairs to provide messaging to their groups regarding events, fundraisers, and organizational updates. This position is responsible for managing group communications in a timely and accurate manner. All group communications are subject to CBI’s social media policy and must be relevant to the group.


Communication Moderator

Communication moderators are tasked with supervising discussions on CBI communications platforms. Volunteers will ensure discussions are civil, productive and adhere to the CBI social media policy and their groups community guidelines. Moderators may weigh in on discussions with their opinions but may not communicate in an official capacity as a representative of the group or CBI.

Maintenance Department

Volunteers in the maintenance department are welcome in assisting our maintenance department with repairing and maintaining boats and equipment; skilled volunteers may be asked to take on projects of their own.

Maintenance Department

Those looking for a more casual volunteer opportunity may join one of the seasonal work parties! They focus on hauling, maintaining, and launching our fleet in the fall, winter, and spring respectively.

Fleet and Facility

This is a great chance for members good with their hands to get involved. With our large fleet of Mercuries, there’s always some work to do. Visit our Support Us page to get started.

Community Building

Active volunteers may also be asked to represent CBI at various community events, such as open houses and boat shows. If you would be interested in representing CBI at an event, contact [email protected]  with “Event Volunteering” in the subject line.


If you are already a volunteer and are looking to be even more involved, join our corporation and become a part of CBI’s organizing body. This is a great chance to support CBI through preserving its heritage for future generations.

Other Opportunities

Looking for a way to volunteer not mentioned here? Our Support Us page has other opportunities that members and non-members can also partake in.