Intermediate Race Practice – Key Posts
Friday Night REBOOT
Weekly on Fridays 17:30 – 18:30 We’re back at it by popular demand, with a revised format. Join Charlie and Niko to chat briefly about… Read More 
2019 Practice Schedule
We will have practice just a few weeks this year, on Tuesday evenings. Please be dressed and rigging on the front of the dock by the start of… Read More 
2018 Season Wrap
Hi all, A big Thank You to those who participated this season. It was a good summer and I think most of you got a lot out of the practices. We’ll… Read More 
2018 Practice Schedule
We will practice every-other week on Tuesday evenings. Please be rigged and ready at the Longfellow dock by 18:00 hours. You will get more out of each… Read More 
2018 Race Practice Ideas
Hey Tiller Club and CBI Racers, This is an ongoing post over the winter to list ideas for what to practice this summer. Our first two practices will… Read More