Ideal 18
Ideal 18 This class teaches advanced sailors how to rig, moor, sail, and care for our Ideal 18s which offer better performance than a Mercury, and are… Read More 
Gift Policies and Procedures
Reason for this policy: The function of these policies is to update and clearly delineate the kinds of gifts Community Boating, Inc. (CBI), the… Read More 
Annual Meeting of the Corporation
2023 Annual Meeting RSVP here! The 2023 annual meeting of the corporation will be held on Monday October 16th in the Wolfson Room at Community Boating… Read More 
Planned Giving Opportunities
Join the Sailing for All! Society Create a lasting legacy and support our vision of “Sailing for All!” beyond your lifetime by making a planned… Read More 
Hurricane Lee – Program Impacts
We are closely monitoring Hurricane Lee and its potential impact on operations. We are expecting strong winds and rain to come through sometime… Read More 
Ed Long UnRegatta and Fall Dock Party
Ed Long UnRegatta and Fall Dock Party Buy Tickets Buy Tickets on Eventbrite var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order… Read More 
Lightning Safety
Community Boating Lightning Safety The US Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly two-thirds of lightning-related fatalities occur during… Read More 
All Boats on the Water and Summer Dock Party
All Boats on the Water and Summer Dock Party Buy Tickets Buy Tickets on Eventbrite var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order… Read More 
7/27/23 Heat Advisory
The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory in our area Thursday at 11:00 through Friday at 20:00 as well as the City of Boston declaring… Read More 
Test Event
Learn to Race
Learn to Race In partnership with Community Boating Tiller Club Racing, we offering a Learn-to-Race class series! Designed to demystify sailboat… Read More 
Humane Society Recognizes CBI Staff with Commendation of Life Saving
Humane Society Recognizes CBI Staff with Commendation of Life Saving June 5, 2022 felt like any other summer day in Boston, perfect for boating on the… Read More 
Summer Research at CBI’s Cyanobacteria Lab
Summer Research at CBI’s Cyanobacteria Lab Have you seen the headlines about blue-green algae in the Charles River? Well, it’s not blue. And… Read More 
Volunteer Resources
Class Information and Materials Class Resources Scheduling Portal Lead Instructor List Community Boating… Read More 
Windsurf Skills
Windsurf Skills This class is meant for proficient windsurfers who want to take the sport to the next level. Conditions permitting, instructors will… Read More 
Windsurf Clinic
Windsurf Clinic This class is a great stepping stone to Windsurf Yellow. Instructors will offer extra coaching and guidance for tacking and gybing, as… Read More 
Intro to Windsurf
Intro to Windsurf Want to try something different? Windsurfing is a great way to branch out. This class will introduce you to our equipment and the… Read More 
Sonar This class builds on the advanced skills from Ideal 18 class and teaches students how to rig, moor, sail, and care for our Sonars, our largest… Read More 
420 This class teaches advanced sailors how to rig, moor, sail, and care for our most popular and most expensive equipment Sonars and Ideal 18s offer… Read More 
Laser The Laser is a popular and fast single-handed boat that’s raced and sailed recreationally around the world. This class will teach… Read More 
Jib Clinic
Jib Clinic Jib Clinic is an opportunity to practice the skills relevant to the red test with support from an instructor. Please take after completing… Read More 
Jib 2
Jib 2 focuses on a rudderless sailing drill to improve boat-handling, sail trim and crew placement. While rudderless sailing is not on the red test,… Read More 
Jib 1
Jib 1 Jib 1 covers the requirements of the red test, including basics of the jib sail, teamwork, and sailing in heavier wind. It will take your basic… Read More 
Mainsail Clinic
Mainsail Clinic Mainsail Clinic is an opportunity to practice the skills relevant to the yellow test with support from an instructor. Please take… Read More 
Mainsail 2
Mainsail 2 Mainsail 2 builds basic skills into sailing competency to prepare you for the Mercury yellow test. It covers the finer points of tacking… Read More 
Mainsail 1
Mainsail 1 Mainsail 1 builds basic sailing skills with both simulator demonstration and on-water instruction. After a bit of review and expansion on… Read More 
Guided Sail
Guided Sail We are excited to introduce Guided Sail – a new class opportunity launched for the 2023 sailing season! Guided Sail is an… Read More 
Orientation Everyone who walks through our door should start here! Orientation is the gateway to everything that CBI has to offer, whether you’re a… Read More 
Rigging This class will teach you your port from starboard, mainsheet from mainsail, and just about everything else you need to know about our boats.… Read More 
Shore School
Shore School With demonstrations and boat simulators, Shore School explains all the theory you’ll need to start sailing. An experienced instructor… Read More 
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities Positions are available to volunteer in many different roles. CBI will provide specific training for each role in order to… Read More 
Volunteer Code of Conduct
Volunteer Code of Conduct The volunteer code of conduct is an excerpt from the Adult Program Member Handbook that governs volunteering at CBI. I… Read More 
Adult Program Volunteer Application
Volunteer Application - Adult Program Application for adult program volunteer opportunities.… Read More 
Member Handbook
CBI Rules Community Boating’s rules exist both to keep all who share the lower Charles River basin safe and to ensure smooth operation of our… Read More 
Restrictions Feed
Tweets by safetyCBI
8-3-22 Heat Advisory UPDATED
UPDATE: Adult program opening will be delayed until 18:00 on 8/4/22. This decision has been made for the safety of all our members and our staff.… Read More 
Safety Bulletins
7-21-22 Heat Advisory
The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory in our area as well as the City of Boston extending it’s Heat Emergency through Sunday,… Read More 
Volunteer Awards
Volunteer Recognition and Awards Community Boating is a special place in large part because of our volunteers, who dedicate their time to teach… Read More 
Summer Kickoff Lawn and Dock Party
Kickoff Summer at Community Boating! Celebrate the start of Summer with us at Community Boating on Saturday, June 24th! From 2pm-4pm we’ll be… Read More 
Spring Open Houses
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP TODAY! Our Open Houses are a great way to learn more about Community Boating and how YOU can start sailing,… Read More 
Safety at Community Boating Safety is our foremost priority at CBI. “Sailing for All” would not be possible without our staff working… Read More 
Upwind Mainsail Tuning
Part of a wonderful series on mainsail tuning and shape. See more on SailZing’s YouTube page
Wind on the Water
“Where there is wind, there is speed, so the goal of the wind spotter is to look for clues on the water and above.” See more at Sailing… Read More 
Celebrating 75 Years!
Community Boating Timeline Do you know of any CBI milestones that aren’t on this list? Share with us at [email protected]! CBI from… Read More 
Junior Program Operations Announcement
Membership sales have once again reopened! Keep in mind that classes are still quite full. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please… Read More 
2021 Operations Summary – Adult Program & Rentals
Last updated 5/14/2021 Hours & Info Adult Program 2024 Season Weekdays Weekends April 1 – June 16 1:00 pm to sunset 9:00… Read More 
Notice about Junior Program Class Openings
New classes are open to the public as of Wednesday the 17th. Click the red join now button on the top right, or click here to purchase a membership… Read More 
2018 Annual Meeting
2018 Annual Meeting It’s that time of year again. The 2018 annual meeting of the corporation will be held on Monday October 15th in the Wolfson… Read More 
2019 Annual Meeting
2019 Annual Meeting It’s that time of year again. The 2019 annual meeting of the corporation will be held on Monday October 21st in the Wolfson… Read More 
2021 Annual Meeting of the Corporation
2021 Annual Meeting Register Here! The Annual Meeting of the Corporation of Community Boating, Inc. (CBI) will take place virtually on Monday, October… Read More 
Intermediate Race Practice – Techniques Posts
Intermediate Race Practice – Debrief Posts
Intermediate Race Practice – Briefing Posts
Intermediate Race Practice – Key Posts
Intermediate Race Practice – All Posts
July 4 Sailabration
Purchase Tickets Here We are the only public reserved seating event to watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on the Charles River! Avoid the… Read More 
Calendar Under Maintenance
Our calendar is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back shortly!
Corporate Outings
Make a splash with your team! A sailing outing at Community Boating Inc. is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that promotes teamwork and a spirit of… Read More 
Junior Program Instructors Welcome to the JP Instructor resources page! Click on a class below to view the lesson plans, handouts, rubrics, and… Read More 
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CBI Team Race (CBITR)
Our 2018 and 2019 junior program team race invites, presented by Zim Sailing were a huge hit. The 2021 edition will run the week after July 4. NOR and… Read More 
Friday Night REBOOT
Weekly on Fridays 17:30 – 18:30 We’re back at it by popular demand, with a revised format. Join Charlie and Niko to chat briefly about… Read More 
Spring and Fall youth programming include school and group programming only. These groups include: grade-school learn-to-sail programs High School… Read More 
Additional Programming
CBI’s Junior Program does not stop at formal classes. Students can spend their entire day, week, and summer at the boathouse, with plenty of… Read More 
Thank You for Your Support! Community Boating, Inc. is a public, 501(c)3 non-profit organization operating affordable and accessible programs for… Read More 
Give Today
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Work Parties
Work Parties are an excellent opportunity to give back to Community Boating and get to know other members. There are generally two work parties every… Read More 
Community Boating’s award-winning Adult Program offers public access to watersport for everyone from novice sailors to national champions. Our… Read More 
Member Resources
We have curated various frequently used resources into collections here for easy access. Classes Class resources, handouts and materials for students… Read More 
School Forms
Information regarding spring sailing/forms will be posted in mid January. Bid – Spring 2024 Checklist – Spring 2024 Roster –… Read More 
High School Racing
Community Boating Inc. hosts the CBI-division of Mass Bay League High School Sailing each spring with 7-9 teams participating annually. Schools… Read More 
We host school PE and Learn-to-sail programs in the spring and fall for grade, middle and high schools. Schools provide their own instructor. Please… Read More 
School Programs
While CBI’s Junior Program is summer only, we run fall and spring youth programming for groups. We can accommodate high schools, grade schools,… Read More 
Non-member Rentals In addition to our membership programs, Community Boating offers a variety of our watercraft for rental along with our facilities… Read More 
Adaptive Fleet and Facility
Our Fleet and Facility The CBI boathouse is located at the base of Longfellow Bridge on Boston’s Esplanade. We are geographically accessible, as… Read More 
Membership Prices
Memberships & Boating Passes A Community Boating membership or pass is the easiest, way to sail or paddle in Greater Boston for a fraction of the… Read More 
Racing Opportunities Universal Access Program members are invited to race through Keelboat Racing.  This informal and collaborative environment… Read More 
Nestled in the heart of Boston, Community Boating’s nationally recognized Universal Access Program allows individuals to take responsibility for… Read More 
Summer Junior Program Your child can enjoy an active, fun-filled summer with the Junior Program. Kids from all walks of life come to experience the… Read More 
Teaching Resources
Community Boating, Inc. is the oldest and largest community sailing program in the country, but we didn’t get there on our own. CBI has only… Read More 
Class Resources
Start Here! Orientation Mercury Green Classes Rigging Shore School Once you have completed your Green Verbal Test and Rigging Test, and earned your… Read More 
Adult Program Classes For over 70 years Community Boating has been teaching new sailors like you how to master the power of the wind, right here on… Read More 
April 3, 2020 Fireside Chat w/ Sam P.
Fireside Chat Hi All, With CBI being closed until further notice due to COVID 19 I have been trying to think of a couple ideas that we could do to… Read More 
July 16, 2019 Practice Briefing
Last practice today. We’re going to work on starting practice and boat-handling. We’ll start with the starting practice, then do some boat… Read More 
July 2, 2019 Practice Briefing
Great breeze out there today. Should be fun on the water, and the temp is really nice too. I’d like to set up some two-boat speed testing, we’ll… Read More 
2019 Practice Schedule
We will have practice just a few weeks this year, on Tuesday evenings. Please be dressed and rigging on the front of the dock by the start of… Read More 
2018 Season Wrap
Hi all, A big Thank You to those who participated this season. It was a good summer and I think most of you got a lot out of the practices. We’ll… Read More 
July 31, 2018 Practice Briefing
Alright, last practice of the season! Sad, but should be a good one. It’s looking like we’ll have a nice little easterly. I want to work on two… Read More 
July 24, 2018 Practice POSTPONED
We will be holding this practice next week, Tuesday July 31 at the same time. This will be the last practice on-water practice of the year due to JP… Read More 
June 26, 2018 Practice Debrief
If you are looking for today’s briefing, please see the previous post below this one. Our last on-land debrief got slightly contentious, and I’ve… Read More 
July 10, 2018 Practice Briefing
Hi all, very excited for nice (not steady) breeze today. Per usual, let’s try to be dressed and rigging on the front of the dock at 6pm for a quick… Read More 
June 26, 2018 Practice Briefing
We had a great practice two weeks ago. We really focused on keeping the boat at an even heel level by using main trim, steering, and weight placement.… Read More 
June 12, 2018 Practice Briefing
We had a great evening on the water two weeks ago. The light wind allowed us to focus on rolling our tacks and gybes. I REALLY appreciated everyone… Read More 
May 29, 2018 Practice Briefing
Ahh, beautiful weather. We should finally get on the water today! Email me if you can make it, or sign up online. Let’s try to be dressed and… Read More 
May 15, 2018 Practice Briefing
The reason this post has been delayed is weather. We have a plan A, which is to pair up at 6pm to go out an sail Mercuries. We would focus on heavy… Read More 
April 17, 2018 Practice Debrief
We had a great discussion on starting two weeks ago. We talked about pre-start routines, controlling your speed approaching the start, and about… Read More 
2018 Practice Schedule
We will practice every-other week on Tuesday evenings. Please be rigged and ready at the Longfellow dock by 18:00 hours. You will get more out of each… Read More 
2018 Race Practice Ideas
Hey Tiller Club and CBI Racers, This is an ongoing post over the winter to list ideas for what to practice this summer. Our first two practices will… Read More 
July 26, 2016 Practice Briefing
Sorry for the late and brief update. After a phenomenal team racing practice two weeks ago, we look to get back to basics this week with some follow… Read More 
July 12, 2016 Practice Briefing
Trying something new this week: team racing! Once we’re rigged, let’s meet in main space for a few minutes to go over some of the basic maneuvers… Read More 
June 28, 2016 Practice Briefing
This week’s practice is going to be all about starts.  We will do several different kinds of practice starts. rabbit start races: The coach will… Read More 
June 14, 2016 Practice Briefing
Good breeze prediction for Tuesday, 12-18 kts from the WNW. Our focus will be on speed control, both going top speed, and remaining in control when… Read More 
May 31, 2016 Practice Debrief
What a great day for a practice, and awesome to have ten boats out there! We got through all four drills though we were a tiny bit rushed in some… Read More 
May 31, 2016 Practice Briefing
Expecting five or six boats this week. Should be a great practice, with a little bit more breeze than we have had in the past, so we’re going to do… Read More 
Parts of a Perfect Practice
Contrary to popular wisdom, poorly executed practicing will not make you perfect.  You need to practice well to improve quickly.  I try (and don’t… Read More 
May 19, 2016 Practice Debrief
Hey all, another great practice.  In addition to the sailors improving greatly, I’m picking up some tips for what I can do better before and during… Read More 
May 19, 2016 Practice Briefing
Good morning sailors, We are looking at a beautiful evening for a small group practice; low 60’s temps, and 5-10 kts from the east (the… Read More 
Steering with sail and weight trim
Top sailors often speak of boat feel, and they have worked over many years to hone their skills at steering the boat to be fast, both in a straight… Read More 
May 3, 2016 Practice Debrief
Thanks again for coming down last night.  Talking with some people after, and having some further time to digest, I thought of a few more things to… Read More 
May 3, 2016 Practice Briefing
This goes out to the expected & possible participants tonight for race practice.  Please see below for format, schedule, and a bit about how you… Read More 
April 19, 2016 Practice Debrief
Wow, we had a GREAT practice Tuesday, and I want to recap, plus give you all a bit more info about the practices (geared towards Tiller Club… Read More 
April 19, 2016 Practice Briefing
Below, you’ll find a schedule, what to expect, a little disclaimer, and a bit about the rest of the summer. Schedule: 5:30 pair up and rig… Read More 
Terms of Use
Terms and Conditions Agreement between User and Welcome to The website (the… Read More 
Getting Started
For ALL New or Prospective Members New or prospective members should stop by the boathouse for a brief orientation. We’ll tour our dock and… Read More 
Getting Started
Information for New Members Whether you want to learn the basics, become a racer, or relax on a sail up and down the Charles River, the Universal… Read More 
Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an Appointment After your Orientation Sail, members can choose from three 90-minute appointment options: Guided Recreational sail, Sailing… Read More 
UAP Frequently Asked Questions
Universal Access Program
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Charitable Programs
Thank You for Choosing to Support Community Boating Help us celebrate more than 75 years of “Sailing for All!” by making a donation today! At… Read More 
In-Kind Donations
Thank You for Choosing to Support Community Boating! CBI accepts donations of boats (including sailboats, power boats, kayaks and windsurfers) and… Read More 
Welcome Volunteers! Since Community Boating’s founding, volunteers have comprised the strong backbone that keeps CBI afloat. Literally! Without your… Read More 
Other Ways You Can Help
Other Ways You Can Help There are many other ways in which you can support Community Boating. Planned Giving If you are interested in planned giving… Read More 
Corporate Functions
Rent Our Space In the heart of Boston, nestled on the banks of the Charles River, you’ll find Community Boating Inc’s historic boathouse. From our… Read More 
Sailboat Rentals
Sailboat Rentals For experienced sailors, Community Boating offers two-hour keelboat rentals to non-members. We offer one type of sailboat for rent: … Read More 
Kayak & Paddling Rentals
Community Boating offers an opportunity to view the great city of Boston from an angle rarely seen. Rent a kayak and explore the Charles River Basin… Read More 
Fleet and Facility
Our Fleets Community Boating has a wide range of watercraft perfect for beginner to expert sailors. With over one hundred and twenty sailboats, our… Read More 
Hours and Directions
Front Desk & Delivery Hours In the off season, we are generally available for deliveries and phone calls on weekdays from 9am-3pm. Note that in… Read More 
Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities Community Boating Inc. is the oldest public sailing facility in the country and regularly serves over 1,000 children, 6,000 adults… Read More 
Our Team
Meet our team Charlie Zechel Executive Director Phone: (617)523.1038 ext. 12 Email: [email protected] Charlie has served CBI as… Read More 
Weather Information
24-hour forecast. See more at CBI’s Weather Dashboard! Current Conditions at First Island Weather Station If you are in need of additional… Read More 
Board and Corporation
Organizational Structure Community Boating is a public not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The organization is overseen by a Board of Directors,… Read More 
Contact Us
Community Boating, Inc. 21 David G Mugar Way Boston, MA 02114 Tel: 617-523-1038 Fax: 617-523-6959 If you have any questions or comments, please feel… Read More 
History And Mission
Our Vision: Sailing for All! Our Mission Our mission is to build a diverse community, promote personal growth, and inspire appreciation of the… Read More 
AP Frequently Asked Questions
Social & Competitive Sailing Community Boating offers racing almost every day of the week! Racing is a fun and challenging way to get more out of… Read More 
Volunteering at Community Boating Our volunteers keep Community Boating afloat! In fact, at one of our volunteers likely taught a class for you.… Read More 
JP Frequently Asked Questions
Volunteer / IIT
We have many Junior Members who volunteer their time during our summer JP hours, as well as parents who become involved as volunteers. Volunteers have… Read More 
Race Team
Summer Race Team Many of CBI’s expert youth sailors* join our unique racing team which offers flexibility via daily practices, and chances to… Read More 
Class Descriptions
Our classes are taught by nationally certified, world-class instructors. They typically run five or ten days, either in the morning or afternoon. Each… Read More 
Getting Started
Community Boating’s Junior Program serves everybody from total beginners to lifelong sailors. This guide will help new and returning JP families… Read More 
Adult Program
Join Community Boating for the 2020 Season! The Community Boating sailing season will begin on April 1st, 2020. It is always wonderful on the Charles… Read More 
Junior Program
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About Us
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Non-member Rentals In addition to our membership programs, Community Boating offers a variety of watercraft for rent as well as our facility for… Read More 
Support Us
Get Involved The mission of Community Boating is to provide Sailing for all regardless of physical or economic circumstances. Last year, Community… Read More 
How To Use This Space
Welcome to the TC Race Practice Blog Tiller Club is joining with CBI to present a series of scheduled racing practices geared towards the… Read More